Products & Services

NB Tekstdesign offers a complete palette of PR and communications capabilities:

  • Investor communication - NB Tekstdesign has the experience required to write and produce articles, magazines and newsletters aimed at the information needs of the financial markets and individual investors. Institutional investors and analysts demand much more detailed information than does the private investor. NB Tekstdesign makes sure that both target groups are being considered.

  • Magazines - Customer newsletters or magazines form part of many companiesí loyalty programmes. NB Tekstdesign undertakes to write the articles and coordinate with photographers, graphic designers and printers. The agency, however, is also happy to write individual solicited or unsolicited articles for the media or for magazines and newsletters produced by others.

  • Neighbour information - Neighbours to industrial production facilities are important stakeholders. Yet very rarely are their special needs catered for. NB Tekstdesign has a yearlong experience in handling neighbour communication.

  • Press Releases - NB Tekstdesign writes, edits and disseminates press releases to general as well as specialised media. But also advises against the use of general press releases in cases where other means of communication will improve the impact.

  • Articles - NB Tekstdesign writes alle sorts of articles tailored to the needs of the individual medium and its readership. The agency also makes a virtue of knowing the subject dealt with.

  • Advice & Training - Media training and advice on how and when to approach the media are a core competency. Together with its collaborators NB Tekstdesign offers consultancy on a project basis as well as PR and communication courses tailored at the needs of individual clients.

  • Translations - NB Tekstdesign undertakes translation of all kinds of business related texts - brochures, promotion material, manuals and articles. Special expertise within general language, technology, pharmaceutical, medical, food and biotech. I work with any combination of the languages Danish, English and Spanish.