NB Tekstdesign offers translations of a wide variety of text types. Thanks to many years of pharmaceutical industry experience, one speciality is texts concerning pharmaceuticals, medical devices and biotechnology. To this should be added experience with patent applications, user manuals, technical installation manuals, engineering, marketing and journalistic articles.

As a translator I work with direct clients as well as with translation agencies all over the world. And over the years I have completed a broad spectrum of jobs related to different industrial sectors. Below is a list of recent jobs:

Pharmaceutical industry

4 Patent application for preparation for treatment of neurodegenerative disorders 
4 SPC re. HRT preparation
4 SPC re. anti inflammatory preparation
4 SPC re. preparation to stimulate breathing in post-operative patients 
4 PIL re. blood pressure reducing preparation 
4 Various Pharmaceutical Expert Reports
4 Analytical Monograph re. potency determination 
4 Tabular summaries of analytical results re. toxicity and bio-availability 
4 SOP re. sterilisation of production equipment 
4 Article on cancer after renal transplant 
4 Questionnaire re. Dyspnoea 
4 Questionnaire re. Chronic Pain 

General industry

4 SOP re. periodic calibration of scales
4 General & Specific Quality Procedures re. contract packing
4 Soot blower maintenance manual and spare parts' lists
4 Manual re. filling-station installations 


4 Traffic regulation signal 
4 Saddle Tree 
4 System for spread spectrum transmission of data 
4 System for playing of music and videos in public places 
4 Unit for monitoring and protection of car battery
4 Pump for tightening leaks in concrete constructions

User Manuals

4 Loading of images to a digital printer 
4 Printing machine 
4 Washing machine 
4 Industrial laminator 
4 Maintenance manual for laminator 
4 Installation manual re. printing machine and laminator 
4 Bipolar transformer 
4 Stereo Cassette Player 
4 DVD-player 
4 Mobile telephone 
4 Medical utensils for surgery


4 Car accessory brochures 
4 Labels for cosmetic products 
4 Labels for wine 
4 Declaration of Conformity and Safety Data Sheet (EU) re. car battery charger
4 Various business correspondance
4 By-Laws for public research institution
4 Various press releases
4 Various Investor Relations related articles
4 Various articles on industrial automation
4 Transscription and translation of video tapes
4 Report on the training of pedagogues (parts)



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4 English to Danish 4 Spanish to Danish 4 Spanish to English